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Rachel Poritz Mennen

Prerana is an angel! After suffering from debilitating migraines for over 15 years, Prerana gave me the tools and guidance to completely shift my mind body and soul. I no longer experience the migraines, have more energy than I have had in decades and feel a sense of happiness that is unparalleled. It is with deep gratitude that I recommend her skills, kindness and impressive knowledge. She is a healer in the truest sense of the word. 


Textile Designer, Mother and a Wife

New York, USA


Rajaie Qubain

In our "modern" world with our "advanced modern healthcare system", any health issue is met with a colored pill. A pill to be taken chronically to improve symptoms but then cause a myriad of other health side effects that will need their own pill.
In this upside down corporate led world we live in, Prerana Shah comes in as a sane nature and natural healer of what ails us. Medical conditions are met with plant based whole foods and remedies. Mental conditions are dealt with
loving care, support, and encouragement. Harsh unhealthy diets are replaced with a change in lifestyle with nutrition rich filling foods. Depression and anxiety meds are replaced with healthy balanced relationships, positive perspectives, and change based approaches. Body damaging exercise is
replaced with non-impact body manipulating yoga. Frantic anxiety filled days
are calmed with introspective thought and spirit awakening meditation.
Prerana's deep caring and engaging personality is a gift to anyone who
works with her, and her wholesome modalities are remarkably effective and
bring you closer to the natural world we live in an how we are healthier to
engage with it and bond closer to it.

I recommend her to anyone looking for a Holistic transformation. 


Founder & CEO 

Beisan System 

Raleigh, USA


Fabrizio Pilato

Prerana Shah is a gifted healer and a kind, generous soul.  When on a spiritual journey traveling through Nepal I was fortunate enough to learn sound healing through her teacher training program.  The impact this had on my life was one of the most important in me learning to understand how energy moves and how to purify our energy.  As everything is made up of sound, frequency and vibration, our bodies of energy can come out of tune due to many factors.  Prerana uses sound vibration through Himalayan Singing bowls, consulting on food and nutrition to choose higher vibrational foods, and even provides emotional life coaching to get us back on the path to success. 
Very honored and grateful. 

Highly recommend her Sound Therapy Classes and her Life coaching.



Luv Burger

Toronto, Canada 


Aditi Sanghai

Sometimes in life all you need is a person to show you a positive path. 

I was genuinely lost in the hustle bustle of life. Unaware of the happiness and positivity which surrounds us all the time. 

Today its way different. And I would like to give you a major credit for this positive change in me. You are an inspiration to many. I am not in constant touch with you but somewhere I feel the presence of your energy with me. Your words keep reminding me not to give up because at the end everything is going to be ok. 

Thank you so much Prerana. Can't wait to meet you.



Ahmedabad, India


Utpal Mishra

About a year back a therapist friend, to whom I’d taken my parents regarding their various ailments recommended that I take them to Prerana Shah. My father was suffering from chronic back pain, diabetes, thyroid and asthma, and my mother had debilitating inflammation of the Achilles tendon and had sporadic panic attacks.  They had been to numerous doctors over years and had almost exhausted the option that we knew about, and were on various medications.
Prerana has a knack of connecting to everyone on a personal level and genuine desire to help people seeking her counsel oozes out of her. She puts everyone at ease instantly and her diet and lifestyle advice are very effective. Within days of following her guidelines both my parents started feeling better and within weeks their doctors started to reduce their medications. 
It has been about a year since their visit and both my parents haven’t had to go to the doctors apart from their regular check-ups, the doctors have drastically reduced their medications. My mother’s pain vanished in matter of a few weeks and my father claims that his chronic pain has considerably been reduced. Both of them have lost and are still losing excess weight, they are more active, have more energy and are generally happier.  
My wife and I too have been following her guidance and feel much better with more energy and sense of well being in general. I’ve recommended her to my close friends and family and would do the same for everyone.


Johns Hopkins SAIS

Washington DC, USA


Lama Munday

We live in an era where taking prescription medications to manage health issues is an accepted norm.  We manage pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acid re-flux, ADD, as well as other conditions by taking multiple medications. Pharmaceutical drugs seem to be the first line of defense for relieving underlying symptoms, but they often become a crutch creating secondary health issues.
Prerana Shah is a breath of fresh air.  Her approach to improved good health is holistic and effective.  She treat the full body, mind, and spirit.  This includes detoxing, empowering the immune system, and healing the body from the inside out thru good nutrition.  Her positive aura radiates as she guides each person thru their unique journey to free emotional barriers allowing you to find inner peace and manifest your full potential.  She teaches mindfulness techniques to heighten awareness of your thoughts, words, feeling, and actions and redirect positively.     
I have to admit that although I was open to Prerana's guidance, I questioned the degree of true results.  To my surprise, both my daughter and I worked with Prerana and were very impressed and satisfied.  
For over five years, I suffered with lower back pain that debilitated me three to four weeks a year.  To the point where I could barely get out of bed.  By following a regiment of drinking a holistic drink daily for three weeks, shockingly, my back pain disappeared and I have not had an occurrence in over three years.  I am  now a complete believer in Prerana and her abilities.  
My daughter who struggled with emotional trauma had a two hour session with Prerana.  This was transforming.  She was able to rise above her circumstances in such a positive way and uses the tools Prerana showed her on a daily basis.
We are incredibly grateful to Prerana for her love, commitment, and  ability to be a life coach and holistic healer.

I highly recommend her. 



Key Controls 

Celebration, FL, USA


Sushma Rai

I was urged to see Prerana Shah by a good friend, who knew I suffered badly on a daily basis with vertigo. My overall health had been going downhill since my late 30's, not just with vertigo mind you. I never got a good night's sleep and even if I luckily did, I would never get up well rested. The number of hospital visits, various therapies, days of brooding in bed far exceeded the number of good days I had felt. In other words, I was depressed . I met Prerana in July 2017 and when I saw her I felt very comfortable and happy, as she excudes so much good energy. Here was a young and beautiful girl listening to me with so much patience, empathy and conviction. One thing that really struck me was that she never advised me to go vegan nor vegetarian. I am today a vegetarian and my gluten and caffeine intake is to minimum. but the first four months I went strictly vegan, caffeine free, gluten free and religious followed her protocols. And within weeks my vertigo and Migraine were at bay! Within four months I lost 10 kilograms and my energy level increased.I never knew at 55 I'd be given a new leash on life. Of course I still have more to do to stay healthy and happy but I am glad I chose to see Prerana and follow her holistic approach and hope others like me meet her. I have been recommending her to friends and family in earnest. thank you so much Prerana. 

Much love 


Former Principal

Loving Hearts School

Kathmandu, Nepal  


Chris Buck

I took up a life transformation program and it was intense, to say the least. I was extremely skeptical about how I would feel after three months because I had a lot going on. I thought I knew more than I did, I learned through a lifetime of bad habits to hide my fears and insecurities within my egocentric self.....
The first session was just me talking a lot,  and Prerana guiding me with questions, and our one hour was done so fast. Somehow after that, I felt lighter, I felt like I was understood more and I was heard, and seen differently for the first time in a long time.  I knew I was on the right path but still didn’t know the true gifts waiting for me on the other side.
Our second session was what literally transformed my life and my relationships with myself and others.
I spent so many years running from who I thought I was to who I wanted to be without understanding who I am. I started to feel that I was having a bearing within my life, of where I was, I didn’t feel that I was lost as much, rather... I was exactly where I needed to be, I started to feel that I was seen in a different healthy positive light.
I cried off and on an entire day, and I have not been the same person after that day. Once she taught me to see myself within a different perception it’s hard not to see myself as that higher being going forward. So many of us get lost within life, lost trying to be so many different things to so many different people without knowing who we truly are...

My three-month coaching session with Prerana has been one of the best investments I have ever done in my life.  Prerana started to give and teach me the tools to be successful, happy, and joyful within my life. She taught me the beginning principles that have now shaped a better me, meaning that it’s not just one thing. For example, when you look for a strong foundation within your lives it’s a balance of Emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual. It’s only when we understand these four pillars and apply them on that strong foundation that only then can we build a new version that will last the trials and tribulations that life throws at us.

Another thing that I love and appreciate about Prenana is the in-depth knowledge that she has learned over the 20 years, she first starts with bloodwork, she works from an objective point to establish certain data points to then use as a baseline. Then she’ll slowly introduce one variable at a time to make certain the mind, body, and soul are responding the right way.

Look at her in-depth knowledge as individual puzzle pieces, emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual, nutrition, supplements, sleep, meditation, sound therapy, depression..... etc, etc ..I could go on and on with her, It’s only when that in-depth puzzle is to it correct place that only then do things create a transparent holistically picture.

I have totally changed the way I look at food, my body, and my life! I see possibilities rather than fear and insecurities.

My blood work is on point, I got off prescribed medication, I lost 35 pounds, learned so much about nutrition, Wellness and myself. I learned how to build that strong foundation and the strong pillars to support the growth of my dreams.

I have had many mentors and coaches in my life, Prerana definitely is one of my best and favorite of them all.

I highly highly highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to look at life in a completely new perspective, handle tough situations in life better, become a better father, and learn to love yourself unconditionally, because I found the key to many problems with just understanding the fundamentals of life.  If we can’t see our true self, then how can we accept ourselves, and if we can’t accept ourselves how can we then love ourselves.... and if we can’t truly see, accept and love ourselves...then how is it possible to truly love others in a healthy matter... I’ve learned it all starts with us 1st... we need to develop the tools and knowledge to have that genuine healthy relationship with ourselves first to only then have healthy relationships with others.

I’ve learned if you raise your attention to a certain level you can see things that others can’t... being conscious, present, and aware within the moment of how you feel and what you think.

Thank you Prerana
My Guru, My friend for not only changing my life but also for all the lives that intersect within mine. I love and appreciate you so much, Namaste

Christopher A. Buck 

COO Protalus 

Portland, Oregon, USA

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